“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.”

Jayakumar & Sri Nithya


Sunday, 8th of February 2015 at “Oom Kalyana Mandapam”, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

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till the happy event!

You are welcome to attend our
Wedding Ceremony
our Wedding Party

The Wedding Ceremony


8th of Feb 2015


7:30 in the morning


"OOM Kalyana Mandapam",
Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu!

As you enter the gateway to the wedding hall you will notice the gates adorned with full-grown plantain trees, signifying evergreen plenty for endless generations.

Overhead festoons of mango leaves signify the never fading relationship to begin here.

Notes of nadaswaram (Traditional South Indian music ensemble including the tavil (drum), nadaswaram (a sort of wind instrument) and small cymbals) heard loud and clear to signify the union here is sacred and divine.

Kolam or rangoli (Designs made on the floor with rice flour paste) designs at the doorsteps match the mood of the occasion, beckoning a hearty welcome to the well wishers who arrive for the function.

At the reception desk of the hall, sprinkling of rose water perfumes the visitors. Offering of flowers to women express a wish of sowbhagyam (a long happy love life) for the lady guest. The sugar candy brings forth the sweetness of happy event that the visitor has arrived to take part in.

The Wedding Party


7th of Feb 2015


6:30 in the evening


"OOM Kalyana Mandapam",

The evening prior to the wedding day, the bridegroom is brought in a procession from a temple in a flower-decorated vehicle. He is lead by the bride’s parents and welcomed at the marriage mandap (A structure or building where the marriage is conducted). This is a social function called ‘Maapillai Alaipu’ in south India. Through such a parade, public approval is sought of the groom, chosen by the family. After reaching the marriage hall, there is a formal betrothal ceremony signifying the agreement between the families for the proposed alliance.

OOM Kalyana Mandapam

112/89 Salai Vinayakar Road ,Dharmapuri Collectorate,
Dharmapuri - 636705,
Tamilnadu ( South )

The Wedding Party @ Gudiyatham


15th of Feb 2015


6:30 in the evening


"Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Mahal",

On the evening of the wedding day a reception is arranged and invitation is given to all the relatives and friends of both the families to bless the couple and attend a grand dinner.

Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Mahal

Raja Ganapathi Nagar Opposite New Bus Stand
Tamilnadu ( South ) - 636705

The Lovers' Photo Album